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Single, Dual and Triple Agent Component, Trailer and Skid Systems Using Dry Chemical, Foam and Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Twin Agent Fire Fighting Units
Halotron Fire Fighting System
Defender One Fire Fighting System
CAFS Fire Fighting Units
Dry Chemical Systems
Foam Trailers
Gas Detection

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Fire Combat
Fire Suppression Systems

Here at Fire Combat, we have over a quarter-century of hands on experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing fire fighting systems. Fire Combat’s mobile fire suppression products are recognized worldwide for their superior quality and service.

Custom designed systems for areas where there might be long runs, limited resources or high risk of terrorism. In today’s world having reliable fire suppression products available to protect personnel and high valued equipment is very important.

Fire Combat´s fire suppression products are installed and ready to protect process applications worldwide – we would welcome the opportunity to protect you and your facility. One of our fire suppression specialists is waiting to discuss your application. Contact us and we will be ready to assist you!

Fire Suppression Equipment

Offshore Oil Rigs

ARFF Vehicles

in Hangers

Hot Pit Refueling

Fuel Bulk Tank

Jet Engines


Fire Trucks

Carbon Fires

Fuel Distribution Centers

Ship Yard and Port Operation

Production Field Service


Outposts Beyond
Fire District Jurisdiction

Flight Line & Maintenance Areas

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