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Production, marketing to move to Marinette

Fall 2015

Fire Combat, Marinette- based manufacturer of sophisticated fire-suppression systems, has purchased the RMT line of similar systems from Crash Rescue of Dallas.

"The two companies make an excellent fit," said Scott Hornick, President and COO of Fire Combat.

"Fire Combat systems protect large military and civilian airport and hangar facilities. RMT makes smaller fire-fighting units that can be easily moved to guard individual airplanes and helicopters in the hangar. Like our larger units, RMT’s are completely self –contained, using pressurized gas to spew fire-fighting foam and other chemical extinguishants to quickly quench a raging fire."

Both units use infrared and ultraviolet sensors to spot a flame of explosion, then immediately trigger the fire-suppression system, Hornick explained.

In addition to airports and hangars, they also protect warehouses, fuel dumps, military bases, storage depots, garages, munitions stock piles and temporary housing.

"Along with giving flexible protection tailored to the specific application, cost is less than one-fifth that of a conventional fixed overhead sprinkler system,” Hornick said. “Best of all, units can be moved in minutes as protection needs change."

Hornick said that RMT's manufacturing and marketing operations will be moved to Marinette, meaning space and staff requirements will be doubled.

"Fire Combat has been a Marinette presence for more than 40 years," Hornick said. While originally focused on military applications, Fire Combat has a growing business in industrial, commercial, and institutional applications.

"Adding the RMT line will enable us to make fresh inroads in these fields," he said.

And while bulk of the current business is domestic, Hornick the new combination will open the door to significant foreign growth.

Fire Combat is a division of Minneapolis-based Sensor Electronics, manufacturer of exotic gas detection systems.

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