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RMT 2000 & 4000 Fire Fighting Units

RMT 2000 Fire Fighting System
Fire Combat’s RMT 4000 portable fire suppressions systems.

Portable Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Combat’s RMT portable fire suppression systems are designed with enclosed areas in mind. For times when a strong first responder can make all the difference in limiting fire damage and saving lives, our RMT models provide flexibility like no other system.

These completely self-contained systems are unmanned, automatic fire fighting units that deploy cold, dense, high-energy foam for a superior vapor seal on potential fuel spills. The net result is exceptional, unmanned fire suppression.

In case of fire, RMT 2000 and RMT 4000 fire fighting systems automatically detect flames with specially-designed electronic flam sensors and alert personnel with visual and auditory alarms. They then fully activate their CAFS, with high-powered oscillating turrets to dispense cold foam and smother the flames.

The RMT 2000 has a single oscillating turret and a 120 gallon premix foam capacity, providing approximately 5,000 square feet of coverage. The larger RMT 4000 features two oscillating turrets and a 240 gallon capacity, for approximately 7,800 square feet of coverage.

Strategically placed in an aircraft hangar, supply warehouse, etc., multiple RMT units can be positioned to overlap their oscillating ranges to provide fire suppression for the entire space. Both models are fully portable thanks to built-in tow bars, and are easy to relocate as needed.

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