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Twin Agent Fire Fighting Units

Fire Combat’s twin agent trailer fire suppression system

Fire Combat’s twin agent units are double-duty fire fighting systems. They combine dry chemical agents for rapid flame knock down and aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) for securing the fire area. Available with Class BC dry chemicals (Purple K or sodium bicarbonate) and your choice of 3% or 6% AFFF concentrate.

These portable fire suppression systems are fully self-contained, with the agent containers, actuator, expellant gas, agent lines, hose storage, and discharge device (nozzle or turret) all in a single unit. Their compact, skid-mounted design allows for easy field placement or mounting on most standard truck beds. Custom configurations are available for trailers and OEM applications—contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

Our twin agent fire suppression systems are easy to maintain, fully field rechargeable, and designed for use by a single operator for swift first-response situations. Custom-sized to your specific application, these firefighting skid units are available with dry chemical capacities up to 1,500 lbs. and AFFF premix capacities up to 200 gallons.

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Features of Twin Agent Fire Fighting Units from Fire Combat

  • Can be configured with dry chemical AFFF and/or clean agent
  • Skid-mounted for easy field placement and transport
  • Totally self-contained
  • Rugged construction: hardened stainless steel components, corrosion-resistant hoses, brass fittings
  • Polyester hose jackets guard against snagging on corners, gratings, etc.
  • Easy to maintain and fully field-rechargeable
  • Built to DOD military specifications; complies with NFPA 11C, 17, and 414
  • Critical elements meet ASME and DOT codes


  • Petroleum production field service
  • Shipyards, marinas, port operations
  • Outposts beyond fire district jurisdiction
  • Surface mining and belt drive systems
  • Flight line and aircraft maintenance areas
  • Flammable liquid storage and handling
  • Rack storage of Class A and B materials
  • Industrial fire and volunteer brigades
  • Wood processing and furniture production
  • Heliports
  • Wildland/urban interface fire control
  • New construction, hot work sites
Fire Combat’s fire suppression products are ready to protect you and your facility.
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