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Defender One Fire Fighting Systems

Fire Combat’s Defender One Portable firefighting system

Fire Combat’s Defender One is a trailer mounted, mobile, automatic fire detection and suppression system. It offers totally independent, self-contained, unmanned fire fighting capability within the range of the detector and discharge turret. The Defender One can perform temporary standby duty like a manned fire truck, or substitute for a limited water sprinkler system in enclosed spaces.

The Defender One fire fighting trailer boasts a microprocessor-based controller, multi-sensor flame detection, a 500-gallon agent tank, nitrogen expellant, an automatic oscillating discharge turret, a manual handline hose, and a 12VDC battery power source with solar panel recharging capabilities.

Once deployed, this fire fighting unit’s flame detector continuously monitors the hazard area, discriminating between true fire emergencies and false alarms. In case of fire, the agent tank pressurizes, audio/visual alarms activate, a radio signal is dispatched (when transceiver equipped), and the turret begins to oscillate and sweep to discharge AFFF solution onto the fire. The self-sealing AFFF not only knocks down and suppresses flame, it also covers any spilled fuel to prevent reflash.

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Features of the Defender One Fire Fighting Unit

  • Rugged, towable, standalone fire protection system that can be deployed anywhere
  • Combines sophisticated EYESPY™ multi-sensor flame detection with effective AFFF (aqueous film forming foam) fire suppression
  • Quick-action mechanism begins agent discharge within seconds of fire detection
  • Delivers 500 gallons of AFFF premix agent through automatic oscillating turret
  • Micropessor-based, with built-in test systems (BITS) for greater reliability and maximum false alarm immunity
  • Integrates with common radio transceivers and most fire alarm panels
  • Operates on AC power or maintenance-free, solar-rechargeable battery
  • Easily deployed—can be set up by one person in 15 minutes or less
  • Built to strict US military specifications for extra-long service life


  • Unsprinklered high-risk, high-value hazards
  • Aircraft hangars and maintenance areas
  • Hazardous spill cleanup operations
  • Temporary depots or distribution centers
  • Outposts beyond fire district jurisdiction
  • New construction or hot work sites
  • High-value vehicle and aircraft refueling
  • Flammable liquid loading and unloading
  • Remote areas with limited water supply
  • Capital equipment leasing situations
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